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Can a stack of coloring pages by the door of your classroom help parents become the spiritual leaders their children need.   
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THE "STRENGTH" pages for boys...the Beauty pages for girls.

    Bible coloring-love
Bible coloring-love  
    Bible coloring-faith
Bible coloring about faith  
            Bible coloring
VBS Craft ideas-God's word  
    Bible Coloring-Holy God
Bible coloring-abba father  

  Bible coloring-Holy Spirit
Bible coloring-holy spirit  
    Bible coloring-Salvation
Bible coloring-salvation  
    Bible coloring-Growth
Bible coloring-growth  
  Bible coloring-Temptation
Bible coloring-temptation  

      Bible coloring-Jesus
Bible coloring-Jesus  
    Bible coloring-church
Bible coloring-family  
    Bible coloring-prayer
Bible coloring-prayer  
      Bible coloring-fear
Bible coloring-fear  

   Bible coloring-beauty
Bible coloring-beauty  
   Bible coloring-Strength
Bible coloring-strength  
Bible Coloring for older kids
Bible coloring  
Bible Coloring about sin
Bible coloring=sin  

    Bible coloring-divorce.
bible coloring-divorce   
                                    Bible coloring
Bible coloring

Why we believe our coloring pages could be just what your church needs to encourage parents to take their first steps in … becoming … the spiritual leaders their children need. (Printer Friendly Version Click Here)

One of the cardinal rules of parenting is to do as many things as possible WITH your few things as possible FOR them. Having Bible Coloring pages in a special drawer or folder can provide more quality time in two or three days than many parents are able to find in a whole month. If you do only one thing with our Biblecoloring pages...make them a joy. Your children will remember all their lives that Bible verses were important to you AND that they were fun. If you just CAN'T find time to color WITH your children make it a rule that they each color one page BEFORE the tv gets turned on…maybe even KEEP the pages in an envelope near the tv?

Another important rule of parenting is that teachable moments are most often short and sweet...which is why MOST of our coloring pages feature one half a verse or less. The idea is that after you finish coloring you will look up the whole verse together and SOMEONE will read it…maybe leave a bookmark at that particular scripture to read together at breakfast next day…quick but sweet…something your children might continue the rest of their lives…especially if and when they have children of their own.

FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT/SIMPLEST FAMILY DEVOTION EVER download one of our "Son Catchers" from, color it, cut it out, tape it in your window and pray together that God help each member of the family understand that his word truly is "LIFE" to each of us. Then share with your children that God's light shines into the home thru his word. Your children will grow comfortable with a scripture in the window. What greater lesson could we teach our children than to surround themselves with God's word???

IMAGINE: a church member housebound or ill receiving a hand colored get well card…OR…a new convert or church member getting a welcome card…OR…a child's extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins,) receiving a Bible Greeting Card hand colored with the best wishes of a child. Imagine too what an army of children coloring these cards could do for the body of Christ, not to mention the blessing a child's soul feels when it is able to be a part of something worthwhile. The days of children contributing to the family by working on the family farm are gone... which is a sad thing because it has robbed an entire generation of the FEELING of being useful. Coloring for others could birth in a child's a deep sense of being worthwhile…of wanting to be a contributor.

Raising Godly Children begins and ends in the home.
In the middle is the church.

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Unless otherwise noted all Bible verses are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, King James Version. All other artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White. Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale. All other rights reserved.

Raising Godly Children begins and ends in the home.
In the middle is the church.
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